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The Mouse That Roared

9,000 FTW Subscribers Take on America (and the World)!

May 21, 2003, 1500 PDT (FTW) – Since our ad ran in The Washington Post last Friday we have been completely overwhelmed with email and calls from people who want to help run the ad in more newspapers in America and around the world.

Well, we've got your request covered!

First Some Statistics

The Washington Post ad reached an audience of more than 2.5 million people. According to Washington insiders we have spoken to, the effects of it are still reverberating throughout our nation's capitol. While we are confident that our ad hastened and very likely caused, the April 26 firing of Army Secretary Thomas White, other recent departures were also very likely influenced by it. Those include:

· Ari Fleischer (White House press secretary) who announced his departure on May 17th; · Mitch Daniels (White House budget director) who announced his resignation on May 6th (after The Washington Post had received the ad copy); and, · Christie Todd Whitman (EPA Administrator) who announced her departure on May 21. While it would be unreasonable to assume that our ad was solely responsible for their departures, we do know that the ad addressed issues that touched all four of them directly. In the case of Daniels it was announced that he had been subpoenaed in a stock fraud investigation right after his resignation. That had been in the works for some time. The point is that our ad highlighted either the personal liabilities each person carried with them, or the risks inherent in the position itself. It made a difference! These departures going in to an election cycle are the administration's way of shedding liabilities and possibly (in Whitman's case) someone saying, "I just can't do this anymore!"

That's part of what ads like this can do.

The Game

Ken at our ad agency has put together an amazing ad buy, the Top 12 newspapers (readership wise) in the United States:

Atlanta Journal Constitution
Boston Globe
Chicago Tribune
Dallas Morning News
Los Angeles Times
Miami Herald
New York Times
Philadelphia Inquirer
San Francisco Chronicle
Seattle Times Minneapolis Tribune Arizona Republic Together, the readership of these newspapers is between 25-40 Million people!

If someone purchased these full-page ads individually in these newspapers it would cost well over $500,000. We got a price of just $100,000 for all 12 cities!

Let's Do The Math

FTW has a little over 9,000 subscribers. If everyone put in JUST $10.00 (ten) dollars we would have $90,000 to run the ads! That's it. That simple.

9,000 FTW subscribers could affect the thinking of 40 MILLION AMERICANS! Now that's saying something! That is voting with your money!

What Spirit!

A gentleman in Seattle phoned to say he and his wife discussed foregoing their summer vacation plans and put their $4,000 towards running the FTW ad in Seattle. Another long time subscriber has pledged several thousand more to see the ad run in more places. A kid in Florida is putting on a benefit concert with his band to raise money to see the ad run in Florida.


This is our time. This is our chance to reach and influence many, many millions of Americans (and readers world-wide)...and to wake them up!

We know that not all of you will send in $10 to make this happen.

We also know that many of you will and can gladly offer several hundred or several thousand dollars to make this happen. Please do.

This may be our last chance at free speech.

NEVER in the history of America has such a message had the opportunity to reach this many people in print!

A separate account has been set up through our advertising agency to handle all of the donations. The money will be used EXCLUSIVELY to buy ad space.

We have 30 days to raise $100,000 to buy the ad space. This is completely possible! The Mouse That Roared...will make a difference. Be part of this.

Make checks payable to: More Than News Productions - memo: FTW AD

Send to:

From The Wilderness Ad Donation PO Box 6061-350 Sherman Oaks, CA 91413 You can also donate online at:

Note: Credit cards can be used to make donations but once the ad buys are placed, no refunds can be given.

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