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Ultraleichtfliegen in Nord Thailand

MS Flight Simulator 2002 hat nun Ultraleichtflieger. So kann ich von meinem Pult aus mit dem vertrauten Quicksilver MX II in Chiang Mai auf dem International Airport in sommerlichem Umfeld ein paar Runden drehen.....

piper (application/, 167 KB) EXCEL-Game mit Fotos eines Piper Fluges - Makro aktivieren, es hat ganz sicher keinen Virus. Bedingung, EXCEL auf PC geladen...

Foto vom Sommer 2001

chieng mai, 2001

Und hier die multimediale Diashow:

hier leider nur für schnelle Internetverbindungen </a href>

(Shockwave-Show eines Fluges mit Quicksilver in Chiang Mai)

Viel Spass Mark

PS: Hier eine Anzeige aus der aktuellen Phuket Gazette:

Submitted Thursday, August 08, 2002 By Gil Itshaki Email: City/Location: Phuket Phone: 076 244494, 01 8943343

Description Are you ultralight pilot? Are you interested to fly ultralight plane in Phuket? If yes contact me. i'm sure you will not be disappointed.

mehr info hier:

Mark Sawat dee krap,

Thank you for replying.

I'm working over than one year on project to establish ultralight flying club in Phuket, not knowing in the first place how complicated it will be. But finally after long investigation and ... money spending my determination looks to be payoff.

Phuket Powerchute Sport Club, will be the first flying club in Phuket, using Powered Parachutes - "Powerchute PC 2000 Deluxe" planes (do you familiar with this plane? No, check on, the club will be non-profitable operational for members only, plane rental/flight time on cost fees. the club will also make special flight events/competitions for all our members and flying lovers (ain't we all?!), and many more surprises dealing with sport flying.

It is important to note that the club is not operational and scheduled to be open in the next tourist high season November 2002. Mark i took the liberty to add your address in my book, and i will keep you up-date and offer you our services and informations as you pleased.

We would love to see you flying with us in phuket,


Gil Itshaki - Phuket Powerchute Sport Club - Vice Chairman/Operational manager.


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